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Bullet Journal Winner

We have a winner! Sara who said that until  now she has been keeping track with sticky notes and her phone which wasn’t working that well for her with 3 young children. Hopefully this will help.

Remember there is no wrong way to use a bullet journal and you can modify it to your needs.

Here are a few pages I added to my bullet journal this last month.

How do you use your planner/bullet journal?

A great way to track how many eggs I am getting from my hens and yes I know exactly who played which egg.
Loosing the baby weight has not been easy but I’m hoping some prizes will help keep me motivated. 
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::right now::

Borrowing this being in the moment from Amanda at Soule Mama. Join me and link to your blog in the comments thread.

Right now I am………………….

Silly bird stay in your brooder

My brave boy!

:: glad that when we took our 3 year old to get his blood drawn to check on iron levels, heart issues and other things that I was able to mentally prepare him well enough so that he didn’t freak out. I told him that we needed to see what color his blood was. If it was red then he was human but if it was green then he was an alien. Thankfully it was red and it was time to celebrate.

:: relaxing after having taken the 3 boys out for pizza with my husband because that is what Magni chose after having his blood drawn.

:: thankful for having a pediatrician that listens and is thorough.

:: feeling the tension in my shoulders that I am sure will not go away until I get the results from the blood test.

:: listening to my baby chicks chirp from the kitchen and glad that I got medication for their bacterial infection because now they don’t smell as bad and hopefully Buff (the blond one) will bounce back and start putting on some weight.

:: finding it funny that while I was sitting and watching the birds earlier the Australorp (the black one) was staring at me and suddenly the name Mathilda popped into my mind. So now that is her name. Mathilda. I like it. Would have never thought I would own any animal by that name but I believe that is what she wants to be called. Starting to think that even though she will just be black that she might become my favorite.

:: hurting after a cycling class I took last night. Not my muscles but my bum is bruised after the saddle. Ended up having to quit before the class was over because the saddle just hurt too much.

:: looking forward to tomorrow morning’s yoga class. Wondering which teacher I will get this time.

:: deciding that I need to start running in the evenings after dinner now that the time is changing and we will have daylight longer.

:: disappointed after my dear husband got batteries to put in our scale and found out that I had put on 3 pounds in the last 3 months. Sigh…. You would think that supporting such a big boy on breast milk alone would be making me smaller. I guess I will have to do this the good old fashioned way. Stop eating like a pig and move my rear.

:: staring at the amount of laundry that needs to be done. Ug.

:: thinking about poring myself a nice glass of wine, watching a show and knitting for an hour.

:: wishing you a beautiful weekend full of adventure and people you love.