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Bullet Journal Winner

We have a winner! Sara who said that until  now she has been keeping track with sticky notes and her phone which wasn’t working that well for her with 3 young children. Hopefully this will help.

Remember there is no wrong way to use a bullet journal and you can modify it to your needs.

Here are a few pages I added to my bullet journal this last month.

How do you use your planner/bullet journal?

A great way to track how many eggs I am getting from my hens and yes I know exactly who played which egg.
Loosing the baby weight has not been easy but I’m hoping some prizes will help keep me motivated. 
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Introducing Ragnar Baldur


As I have told you in prior posts I was expecting a baby. That baby was born December 7th of last year. His name is Ragnar Baldur and he is the easiest baby I have ever had. He is both easy on the eyes and sleeps really well. He goes for 5-7 hour spurts at night. I am so lucky and thankful for his sleeping so well.


Since I have other kids I’m not getting much more than 6 hours at night but most nights it is continuous sleep which I have never had before with a little one like this.

He was less than a week old when I started to need to cart him to school Christmas events. He almost never fusses at being dragged all over creation as long as he is dry and not hungry then he usually just sleeps through it.

This mamma is just so in love with this little human. His brothers are so happily surprised that he doesn’t interrupt their lives too much and they are great helpers.

Pour Ragnar got really bad baby pimples. But they have since cleared up.

I’m sure you are thinking Ragnar Baldur is an interesting name to pick but if you watch the show Vikings (and if you don’t you really should because they are a really good depiction of what the viking culture was really like) then you might have noticed that the main character’s name is Ragnar. It means a warrior sent from the gods.


His middle name Baldur is a Nordic god name. The god of poetry and beauty. So now we have our oldest Odinn, the god of gods, our next oldest Magni, the god of strength, our 3rd child Alexander Thor the god of thunder, and now Baldur.


Ragnar was 10lbs 3oz at birth. Many of you might be thinking that that is big. It is not small. But Alexander Thor was 11lbs 14oz. I worked so hard this time not to have a giant baby by watching what I ate and going to the gym daily until I got sick and started coughing and didn’t stop. So the 3rd trimester I was not as active but I made sure I didn’t put on more than 29lbs and lost 21 of them giving birth.


When I need to get housework done and he is awake usually putting him in his bouncy chair with a toy will keep him busy for long enough to clean up the kitchen and start a load of laundry.

Waking up in the morning to this face never gets old. No matter how tired I am I smile and am thankful for all the love and beauty he brings to this family.

Most of the time when we have appointments for my son’s orthodontist or a Dr’s appointment this is the norm. He sleeps in his car seat and I knit or read something. During swim lessons he just hangs out in his ergo baby.

There have only been a hand full of days since this child was born where he just needed to be held and all else had to wait and during those days I hold him with gratitude for he will only be little once and since this is rare I have an excuse to just sit and snuggle him. My surprise baby that was far from planned.


Most of the time he is a happy laundry helper but in that pic you can see it is not ALL the time.



He found his thumb a couple of days ago. Magni and Alex also did that for a little while at this age but never got into it. But who knows, I might have my one and only thumb sucker.

Love his little baby voice. And that is it. Sorry about flooding you with images and videos. As you can tell I am head over heals about this guy. My surprise 4th. The baby I cried for 2 weeks over when I found out that he was on his way and I thought that I couldn’t handle any more children. But here he is and he is perfect.

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Adult ADHD is what I Have

OK so those of you that have followed for a while have heard me talk about my adult ADHD. I used medicine for a while during the last few months of my Master’s degree and it was wonderful but once I found out that I was pregnant I quit taking it.

ADHD as a stay at home mother can be problematic. See, like a child with ADHD I get easily overwhelmed with my tasks if they aren’t exactly they way they should be. So, on Saturday I had everything picked up and clean. By Monday morning the whole house looked like a bomb had gone off in it. What happened? What caused this horrific line of events? My dishwasher didn’t dry the dishes so Sunday morning my whole routine was thrown off. Sound dramatic? It is. It’s down right embarrassing that something that small could throw off my whole day. Why, do you ask, it this so problematic? Because if I can’t unload the dishwasher as soon as I get up then things can’t be put directly into it again and I made waffles for breakfast, noodles for lunch, cake for snack and spaghetti and meatballs for lunch. Non of this got put in the dishwasher. My kitchen looked like a war zone and a mess is overwhelming to me. Hubby was also cleaning out the basement yesterday and found a blanket his mother made and wanted it washed and for me to get the smell out of it. I put it in the wash and it still smelled, I washed it again with vinegar and it still smelled, I washed it again with dish washing detergent but it still smelled so it was in the wash all day and nothing else got washed. So all the diapers were dirty and all the laundry from the weekend.

On a normal day I start by breastfeeding the baby, unloading the dishwasher, loading anything that didn’t make in it the day before or over night, make coffee, make breakfast, put the diapers in the dryer, put a load of laundry in the wash, go in the bathroom and wipe off everything, sit down and check my email, facebook, and ravelry and write a blog post, hang out with the kids, make lunch, stuff diapers and put laundry in dryer and then in the evening I make dinner, load dishwasher, put diapers in the wash, watch a show, knit, go to bed with baby, read while I nurse him to sleep and then pass out. As long as there is no issue with any of that then my house is cleanish and I’m happy but if there is a disruption it is hard for me to get back in the groove til that disruption is taken care of.

There is also an upside to my ADHD. I hyperfocus really well. If I get an idea in my head I have to follow through with it and I can do nothing but that for a long time. If I need to know about some sort of gardening then I have to sit down and read everything I can find on the subject. I hyperfocus a lot on my knitting. When I was on medication for my ADHD then I couldn’t knit because I didn’t hyperfocus any longer. But on the medication stuff like a wet dishwasher would never have thrown me off of my groove.

Do you have ADHD? How does it effect you?

If you have a friend that is ADHD or a child and they are having a hard time and everything is a mess ask them where they are stuck and help them work through the stuck part. The rest should flow.