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Time to Write

Things are changing. They are always changing. Every moment when I get into the rhythm of “I got this” life happens and I have to learn to dance to a different beet and sometimes life doesn’t even provide me with the music to dance to and I sort of have to be super creative. Now is one of those moments where there is music but it the station keeps getting changed a lot and I have learned to just roll with it. Funny thing is that it keeps mixing my favorite hip hop station with my least favorite techno station and I have NO idea how to dance to techno. But even my favorite Hip Hop station is throwing me curve balls that I can manage and they are not horrible but throw me off beet. Thankfully there is more Hip Hop than Techno.

So here it is. Remember when we purchased the house the summer of 2016? The 1978 monster of a house that was frozen in time in 1978. There was shag carpet everywhere. Even in the bathrooms. There was carpet in the kitchen. Yep you read that right. IN THE KITCHEN!!! We knew that was not going to fly with 4 young boys, a dog and 2 cats. So we ripped out ALL the carpet except in the formal living and dining room which looked newer than the rest. But Ya’ll the carpet in there is cream colored and that is where I have the boys fenced off when I need to finish dishes, laundry, cook dinner or what have you and the dining room is the play room at the moment and the formal living is the game room with the ugliest pealing pleather couch that you could think of. We stalled out of updating the house about 7 months ago. Getting all of this done with 4 kids, a dog and 2 cats in tow on top of homework, school pick up, mountains of laundry, all the meals and all the normal stuff we have going on just wasn’t happening. One of our investments did well and we suddenly had the money to pay someone else to do the work and it was like a light shown down from the heavens. This is where I spend most of my time. In this house and we have had nasty concrete floors for over a year. The toilets and everything in the bathrooms is an ugly beige that makes me want to stab myself in the eye. But we have a great friend that does AMAZING work and was willing to take us on as clients and I am so excited to see what he will do for our house. Hopefully by the end of February I will have the house of my dreams. Before then we ran into some snags.

We found bats in the attic Bye Bye $1170 for removal and clean up

We hired a structural engineer because of some uneven floors and wanted the foundation to be fixed before we put new hardwood floors on. We need piers and foam to stabilize the foundation. Bye Bye $10,000

We needed some trees trimmed and removed from our property and the rental property. Bye Bye $2400

This all before we even start on the whole house remodel. The new appliances needed and the furniture that we need after that is done. We never fully moved into this house because it was never finished. The attic above the garage (that doesn’t have bats) is still full of our stuff that I never moved in because we had so much left to do. Also we moved from a 1500 sq ft house to a 3390 sq ft house. We still have whole rooms that we don’t use at all because they really aren’t usable because there is just subflooring.

As I was dealing with all the contractors (I’ve already been stood up 2 times and we haven’t even started on real renovations) I get a call from my 3rd boy’s principle. It is that call that no parent wants to hear. “You need to come pick up your preKer because he has been violent towards another child and has left marks on him.” I was in complete shock and disbelief. He is stubborn and sneaky and a hand full at home but never would I have imagined that he would be violent towards another child on purpose. I left a note on the door that I would be back in a few minutes for the contractors and speed off to school. Ashamed of my sons behavior. When I asked him why he did it he told me that he wanted to come home and this is the only way he gets to go home. It was one of my few days where I get to get stuff done without having small children under foot. My youngest (who is almost 2 and throws the greatest tantrums ever at the moment) was at his little preschool and I was trying to pack as much into my window as I could. Alex, my #3, got suspended for the rest of the week. He thought he won the lottery and got to stay home. I took away screens, I took away games, but honestly there is little I could do to make staying home with me less great. He hates school. Says his teacher doesn’t like him and even though I have asked for a change, written emails and showed up to meetings and other things nothing but a Behavioral plan has been done for him. The child that hasn’t done anything like this before is suddenly labeled a psychopath by his teacher because he is trying everything in his power to get out of there. What really makes me sad is he begged to go to “big kids school” for almost a year before he started. He had been dreaming of it for so long and I remember sitting down with the teacher at the beginning of school and thinking “oh no” that she was not a good fit for him and this might not go so well. I thought he would be unruly for her but NEVER violent. I can’t change things for him at school. I can just be a loving place for him at home. Make sure he talks about his choices at school and try to move on. This part of parenting sucks. When they have to learn to be outside of your zone. If they never really learn this the rest of life will be hard. I don’t want that for him.

As all of this is going down, the endless estimates and contractors and Alex making himself seen in our large busy family, I am also planning a trip to Iceland to see my family for Christmas. We won’t be there for long so I’m trying to introduce my boys to all of the different families on a one on one basis. This takes planning. I also have to make sure that I have all the outdoor clothing we will need for all 4 of them. Good shoes for all kinds of weather and that I make time for friends and us too with out hurting too many feelings.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, most of my music is good music that I love to dance to, finally getting the house done the way I like it and money not really hindering that, but I find myself stumbling through the techno noise and feeling like I am failing in ways along the way, when I am navigating the parenting outside of my control zone, watching my child not thrive and knowing that he needs to learn to be without me and I will not always be able to pick and chose his caretakers or bosses along the way. I hate that he is learning this so early. He is only 5. But also sheltering him even longer might not be helpful either.


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Week 1 of the Elimination Diet


OK I have decided to share with you my journey in the search to healing my body. 6 months ago I was really sick. I was in so much all over pain that I needed pain medicine to function for my family. I hated it and tried not to take it because I did not want to turn into a narcotics statistic but then my family suffered. My joints hurt so badly that I was having a hard time getting around. Then my body just started hurting all over. I went to the Dr to have blood work done and everything came back normal. He sent me to a rheumatolorgist and even though I had inflammation he couldn’t place it so he just gave me the umbrella diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and sent me home with a medication that I should just take. I read the side effects and was not OK with it.

I had the Mirena IUD placed 4 months post partum because of abnormal bleeding, which ended up only making the bleeding worse, and the Dr still kept talking me out of having it removed again and my symptoms had been getting worse since then so I decided that I was ready to heal my body. Not cover up symptoms. Clearly my abnormal bleeding was a clue that things were not in balance and I needed to have the Mirena removed to know really what was going on. I scheduled an appointment to have it removed and the PA that was removing it for me tried to talk me out of it again and told me that there was no way that it could be the Mirena that was causing me any of my symptoms. A week later My joint pain was almost gone and I had started running again.

I made an appointment with a holistic Dr to help me get rid of some symptoms I had had for years now which included brain fog, dry brittle nails and hair, dry skin, hard time focusing, sugar and processed food cravings,  poor quality of sleep, seasonal allergies, my cycle was short why my periods where long and heavy and excess weight. This lead to blood tests that tested both my genetics for how I process vitamins, blood count, state of my nutrition and so on. I learned that I have genetics that make it hard for me to process B vitamins and folates so I need to be sure to supplement those and that I was low on CoQ10 and Omega 3s. Just starting to take these suppliments changed so much for me. I was functioning again. I quit hurting. My skin got a little better. But I wanted to tackle the rest of my skin issues, the rest of my brain fog, my short attention span, my sugar cravings that were still going strong and my weight.

I was seen by another holistic Dr and she told me that it was probably my gut that was wreaking havoc on my system. So she prescribed an elimination diet with supplements and antifungals. Warning me that I was likely to feel much worse on the diet before I got better so to wait until after the holidays to do it. She believes I have something called Leaky Gut Syndrome. So pieces of my food are actually penetrating my bowl and leaking into my bloodstream causing inflammation and all my issues. The 4 week plan will hopefully help my gut heal and then I can slowly introduce some of these foods again.

An Elimination diet means that I would not be eating eggs, wheat, corn, Soy, sugar, shellfish, beef, pork, alcohol or coffee (when she said this I told her she went too far LOL). She did hand me a long list of things I could eat. Including rice and oats so that was something.

I decided that Jan 1st was a good a day as any to start and it gave me time to wean myself off of coffee and switch to green tea which I could have. The Dr had sent me a meal plan and a grocery list and like the ADD person that I am I waited until the first day of the diet to fill my prescriptions and go grocery shopping. That trip to the grocery store was a $300 trip. A lot of the items I will be able to use a gain nest week because it is a 4 week plan so this weeks trip will be less expensive. I ended up going to 3 pharmacies to fill my prescriptions because the anti fungal that I needed at those places had simple syrup added to them which I couldn’t have. I’m on day 7 now and still haven’t gotten that yet because of pharmacy transfers and other issues but hopefully Monday will be a better day.

I have cooked sooooo much this week and it was all new to me recipes. Most of them were very good and we had fish 2 times this week which was nice. I haven’t been good enough at cooking fish and that is the reason for my Omega 3 efficiency.

Day one I felt good and was doing fine. My older kids were still at their grandparents so I was still getting to sleep in with the 1 year old. Day 2 wasn’t that bad either, the kids came home that day and I went for a run that night. Day 3 I hurt all over and the brain fog hit me to the max. I was always full because the meal plan leaves no availability to go hungry but I was dragging. Day 4 I was dragging even more. Day 5 I was still in a funk but still sticking to it but missing coffee and Day 6 was hard. It was Family night which means pizza and a movie on the couch with the kids. Husband, being the good husband he is, brought home the pizza and handed it to me while he changed out of his work clothes so that I could pass the pizza out to the troops. That was the first time I really wanted to break the diet. Handling and smelling the pepperoni pizza. I didn’t want to cook so I ate leftover beans and rice and made my self a bad smoothie. Day 7 and I am a little bit peppier. Good husband let me sleep in since I was up and down all night with the one year old and have been all week getting around 4 hours of sleep on average a night. This does not help me heal but it is the way things are at the moment.

I’ve been doing my research and apparently the trifecta of getting rid of sugar, gluten and dairy + antifungals (the one I have) and probiotics is causing a storm in my gut flora and the nutrients I am getting from my food.  So my Dr was spot on about things feeling much worse before they get better. I’m just hoping that by the middle of next week I will start to get the ability to think back. I seriously could just stare at a wall and I wouldn’t get bored because I just can’t think at the moment. Writing this post was hard. But I know I am doing this for a reason and hope that since the antifungals have done their job and I no longer crave sweets all the time that I will be able to keep it up after I quit this diet. I will be incorporating some of these meals into our normal meal plan because the fish we had was really good and so was some of the chicken. The smoothies have not been good at all.

I am also happy to announce that 12 lbs have been shed since we purchased this house. 2 during this week. If I lose 2 lbs a week for the next 3 weeks I will be very happy and this will have been worth it. I’m more than tired of my gut and my double chin. If I could just stop being so tired all the time that would help too.

If you read this all the way through then thank you for reading. Have you done the whole 30 or an elimination diet? Is it something that you need to do but have been putting off? Tell me about how it went. Did you have withdraws? Anybody have any recipes they want to share with me?

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Introducing Ragnar Baldur


As I have told you in prior posts I was expecting a baby. That baby was born December 7th of last year. His name is Ragnar Baldur and he is the easiest baby I have ever had. He is both easy on the eyes and sleeps really well. He goes for 5-7 hour spurts at night. I am so lucky and thankful for his sleeping so well.


Since I have other kids I’m not getting much more than 6 hours at night but most nights it is continuous sleep which I have never had before with a little one like this.

He was less than a week old when I started to need to cart him to school Christmas events. He almost never fusses at being dragged all over creation as long as he is dry and not hungry then he usually just sleeps through it.

This mamma is just so in love with this little human. His brothers are so happily surprised that he doesn’t interrupt their lives too much and they are great helpers.

Pour Ragnar got really bad baby pimples. But they have since cleared up.

I’m sure you are thinking Ragnar Baldur is an interesting name to pick but if you watch the show Vikings (and if you don’t you really should because they are a really good depiction of what the viking culture was really like) then you might have noticed that the main character’s name is Ragnar. It means a warrior sent from the gods.


His middle name Baldur is a Nordic god name. The god of poetry and beauty. So now we have our oldest Odinn, the god of gods, our next oldest Magni, the god of strength, our 3rd child Alexander Thor the god of thunder, and now Baldur.


Ragnar was 10lbs 3oz at birth. Many of you might be thinking that that is big. It is not small. But Alexander Thor was 11lbs 14oz. I worked so hard this time not to have a giant baby by watching what I ate and going to the gym daily until I got sick and started coughing and didn’t stop. So the 3rd trimester I was not as active but I made sure I didn’t put on more than 29lbs and lost 21 of them giving birth.


When I need to get housework done and he is awake usually putting him in his bouncy chair with a toy will keep him busy for long enough to clean up the kitchen and start a load of laundry.

Waking up in the morning to this face never gets old. No matter how tired I am I smile and am thankful for all the love and beauty he brings to this family.

Most of the time when we have appointments for my son’s orthodontist or a Dr’s appointment this is the norm. He sleeps in his car seat and I knit or read something. During swim lessons he just hangs out in his ergo baby.

There have only been a hand full of days since this child was born where he just needed to be held and all else had to wait and during those days I hold him with gratitude for he will only be little once and since this is rare I have an excuse to just sit and snuggle him. My surprise baby that was far from planned.


Most of the time he is a happy laundry helper but in that pic you can see it is not ALL the time.



He found his thumb a couple of days ago. Magni and Alex also did that for a little while at this age but never got into it. But who knows, I might have my one and only thumb sucker.

Love his little baby voice. And that is it. Sorry about flooding you with images and videos. As you can tell I am head over heals about this guy. My surprise 4th. The baby I cried for 2 weeks over when I found out that he was on his way and I thought that I couldn’t handle any more children. But here he is and he is perfect.

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The Importance of Self Care

I’d like to take today to talk about the importance of self care no matter what your profession is but especially when you are in a care taking job. Whether you are in the health care field, a mother, or taking care of aging parents people get depleted pretty quickly. It is difficult to keep giving and giving but a lot of people misunderstand what self care really looks like. It isn’t always a massage and a mani/pedi. Self care can be as little as just taking 15 min in the morning and reflecting on what your day will look like and remembering to acknowledge the things you can be thankful for that day. Morning journaling can go a long way in putting your mind in the mind set of getting things done and prepping for what is to come that day. Drinking your favorite warm beverage or juice while doing this can help set the mood for a wonderful day. It is just a short check in with yourself. Your feelings and your body.

Most western countries have the bad habit of hitting the ground running as soon as the alarm goes off. Believe me I make this mistake too. Especially while I was working full time. But I always tried once I got to work to make myself a cup of coffee, look over my calendar, and envision what my day will look like. What tasks I had left over from the day before and what I needed to do that day. Now as a stay at home I go over all the different tasks that I have to do to keep this family functioning.

Morning Journal is my favorite and least expensive self care technique. There are plenty of other ways.

  • Exercising (especially walking and Yoga)
  • Meditation (even if it is only checking in with your body for 5 min and using mindful breathing)
  • Coloring or drawing (art lets the part of the brain that does not have words express itself)
  • A mindful shower (where you are mindful of your body and are thankful for all it does for you)
  • Mindful cleaning (Remembering to only hold on to the things that have function and you love and get rid of the rest so it does not clutter your home or your mind)
  • Aroma therapy (essential oils can make a huge difference in mood and feeling)
  • Mindful eating (enjoy each bite of your food and check in with how it makes your body feel)
  • Chatting with a friend (make sure that this friend is a friend that helps you feel better and does not drain you of your energy) 
  • Gardening
  • Knitting (or whatever your favorite hobby is)
What is your favorite self care technique? How do you like to start or end your day?
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The Past Week

These AppleCheeks arrived in the mail and are new sponsors of my blog!

My big boy turned 5 last week!

Odinn decorating his cake.

Alex getting some tickles and wearing some of the AppleCheeks we already owned!

The new chicken coop almost finished but usable. Just need to cover the front of the coop so that rain doesn’t get in the feed.

Buff free ranging.

Got some plants in the garden


He added an extra candle. LOL


Guess you just started joining us at the dinner table?

The best play yard ever!

People ask me how I am keeping chickens and gardening. The trampoline is where Alex is happy and outside and playing so I get some free time to get stuff done. My husband also is a great help. He built the coop. I just painted it and told him what I wanted.

And last but not least….

Say hello to Chipmunk and Sassy! Chipmunk is a Cream Legbar and Sassy is a Black Copper Maran. They hatched on Sunday! I’m so stinken excited bout them. They are the newest additions to my flock and the first real baby chicks that I have had and OMG they are so fluffy and cute! I just want to hold and watch them all day long! Sorry the photo is not the best but they are just getting use to their brooder box in the kitchen.
Want to start your own backyard flock?
Check out:

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Thursday Update

He scratches himself when itching his nose
Silly big boy

I have to say sorry for how I’ve been absent this week. I have 2 other blog posts that I started but never finished. Our family hasn’t been feeling its best and Alex had croup this weekend. Still snotty and so are my other two big boys. This leads to a very tired mamma that doesn’t get to finish a though because of noses/bums that need to be wiped or someone is thirsty or hungry or sleepy or …………….it goes on. I love my boys but at this point mamma needs a break while there is no break in sight.

I had a yard sale on Sunday afternoon, selling all the left over cloth diaper product that I had since I closed my online store and other baby items that Giant Alex has grown out of in his almost six short months outside my womb. Made some money but have lots of product left and people asking to come see it almost every day, selling a little here and there leaving bins of cloth diapers in my living room and boxes of baby clothes.

Also since I had a yard sale on Sunday I didn’t do any cleaning and now I’m overwhelmed to say the least making it so that it is just getting worse. I have a pile of clean laundry beside me and there are more loads that need to be washed in the kitchen.

What have I decided to do about this problem, which I alone can fix? Take my boys to KrispyKreme of course! That will fix the problem right? My house will be amazingly clean and organized by the time I come back by the amazing cleaning fairy? OK maybe not but I will get a mental break from this craziness.

Here are some of the photos from my week.

Hubby has finished now by adding those top boards and putting wheals on the back.
Just needs paint
Alex enjoying the sun

The peeps outside in the temp tractor.

Playyard+box full of shavings+fencing panel= temp tractor

All I want to be doing these days.

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My Little Boy is Three!

Birthday Boy playing with a birthday present.
Everyone enjoying each others time.

My nephew being goofy!
The teens talking about politics LOL

Magni playing with a friend

The men folk in the kitchen

Another silly nephew. He has a stach under his armpit LOL

My brother. LOL

Stache kisses and armpit staches! LOL

Father and sons.

My sister in law being the amazing aunt she is.

I can’t believe it! My beautiful, funny little Magni has turned three. His birthday was Saturday and what a blessing it was to be surrounded by friends and family that day. I can’t believe that three years ago I was sitting and staring at him wondering what to name him. Falling in love with this amazing, strong personality.

We had a mustache and googly eye birthday party. It was such a great day. Everybody had fun and I let go of my perfectionistic ways. Not letting the mess or the imperfection spoil my son’s day.

The night before, I have to admit, I had a bit of a melt down. I planed on giving Magni a handmade teepee and have it all ready for him when he woke up. The night before I went into the cabinet where I keep  my sewing machine and I find that the foot is gone. I start looking at the other feet that came with the machine and find another that would work. I start sewing and I thought I had it done when it didn’t stand up right structurally. Sigh…… Fine I start working on trying to fix it when my sewing machine brakes down. It’s 1am and everybody but me is asleep. I get so angry and sad that things were not going to be as I had planed. Thankfully I had bought something for Magni so that he would get a little something from us if I had a crafty mama failure like this. He got a wooden pot and pan and 2 plates with forks and knives. I left the present where he would see it as soon as he got up. Then when the big boys woke up bright and early I got myself out of bed and helped him unwrap his present and asked him what he wanted for breakfast. He wanted waffles so on I went to the kitchen. Sad that the sewing machine broke down before I could make him his birthday crown. Next year for sure.

The day after his birthday I get woken up by my oldest stating that he was going to grandma and grandpa’s house. As I walk down the stairs, Magni states that he wants to go too. So here I sit on a Tuesday alone with Alex. My home seems so empty and quiet. 

In other news. Alex got his first tooth today! I can’t believe my 4 month 11 day old already has his first tooth. No wonder he was a bit fussy last night.  Odinn didn’t get his first till he was 11 months and Magni not till he was 6 months. Alex really is in a hurry.

Oh and here is a great video about Icelandic people and culture. https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=314712268577576

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And So it Starts…..

I have started my first week of the Hectic to Harmonious Home Cleanse and I have to say this is really what I needed in my life at the moment. We had the first phone call in date on Creating Spaciousness for Play and I have to say that Laura just puts things into perspective that makes it so much easier to get rid of the clutter and really show my children how much I love them by taking most of their toys away. That now is the time to make my home mine again and not overtaken by consumerism. That quality really is better than quantity. All these things I knew before but I struggled with the guilt of taking something away from my boys but now I see it as giving my boys a better life.

We have been battling the flu in this household and finally the stragglers are starting to look and feel a little better. I hope that by the end of the week I will have paired down the toys in the living room to two baskets and the toys in the boys’ bedroom to two baskets as well. That my boys can pick up all of their toys in less than five min and not be overwhelmed by the process.

Just the feeling I am getting from the knowledge I am getting from Laura has got me thinking about getting certified as a simplicity parenting coach to go with me being a licensed professional counselor. I would love to be able to help women, the way Laura is helping me today, in the future. But, first thing’s first, I need to put my knowledge into action. I need to start the pairing down process and the storing away the toys that are not in use at the moment. I also need to notify the people in my life about what sort of toys will be allowed in our home and which ones they will have to keep at their home or we will have to take back. No more battery operated toys, no more plastics unless preOKed by us and nothing violent or ugly. Only simple toys that bring about my children’s creativity and developmental play.

Do you remember my before pic?

Can you believe that I have put 4 boxes of toys into our new toy library and this is what it looks like now?

 I still have little people and trucks I need to put in the 5th box but I ran out of boxes and need to get some more. I had to bribe my kids with TV so that I could take a photo of this with out them all over all of the toys. There aren’t any new toys. They are just so excited about their toys that are in the shelves they didn’t even look into the basket except to get one thing out of it today. They were so happy they haven’t stop playing today. Had I known that this would have been the response then I would have done this a lot sooner.

I’m starting to do my research on simplicity parenting and really loving the message and hoping that I can pass it on to other moms that have children that are also overwhelmed with their toys. Laura’s Home Cleanse is worth every penny.

Thank you Laura for giving me this chance.

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It’s About Family

Alex has started grasping toys and bringing them to his mouth

Magni having his morning banana

Óðinn enjoying a lazy morning on the couch.

As most of you know I am Icelandic and most of my family is in Iceland. My parents just left to go back home over a week ago after coming to be at my son’s birth. My mother is the best labor coach a daughter could ask for. It was so nice to have them here and her being the amazing help that she is didn’t hurt either.

This time of year becomes difficult for me. I miss my parents, my sisters, my nephews and nieces in Iceland. I´m lucky enough to have a brother and sister-in-law that live only 45 min away and they have three beautiful boys that are so good to my children. Tradition has become that we spend Christmas Eve at their home and now it isn’t Christmas if we wouldn’t go there. In my family, Christmas Day is spent in your PJs enjoying left overs from the day before and the presents that you received. Reading a book that you got while eating chocolate in bed. I’d like to keep that tradition for my family with the added American Santa Christmas morning.

My husband’s family is very good to us and normally we would all be heading out either the weekend before or the weekend after Christmas to spend it at my husband’s parent’s home which is a 3 hour drive away. My older boys just think the place is magic and my oldest says that he wants to move to grandma and grandpa’s house because they have lots of toys and he gets a big bed to himself. I smile when he says that, feeling the warmth in my heart that my boys are so loved by so many (this bringing me to tears just writing it out). It doesn’t hurt that his aunt Sabrina and uncle Danny spoils them rotten when she is there too, and my boys love their cousin Spencer. But I hate traveling long distances with babies because I can’t handle hearing a baby cry and 3 hours is just too long for a 12 week old. So I will be sending my husband and the older two this year and I will miss out on the fun.

Being so far away from Home (Iceland will always be my ultimate home) has advantages. I would never own a home this big and 2 cars in Iceland, it is too expensive. But the disadvantages are great. I have a 12 week old beautiful boy that my sister’s have never held (again bringing me to tears). Knowing that if they got to hold him and see is smile in person they would love him almost as much as I do. But being so far away my children are strangers to them and my sisters are strangers to my sons. I have also become a stranger to my sisters and my nieces and nephews.

After writing all of this out I count my blessings. My healthy, beautiful children, my amazing husband, my home, the food that we get to eat, the ability to get my sons something this holiday season, all the comforts of wanting for nothing.

From the Icelandic Yule Lad Skyrgámur or Skyr-Gobbler

We spent the morning putting these together
Wishing you all a beautiful day filled with love, comfort and loved ones.
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::Right Now::

Joining Soule Mama in the right now post of being in the moment.

Right now I am

:: nursing a bad back on a nice heating pad

:: drinking a nice cup of coffee and watching my kids enjoy each others time

:: thinking fond thoughts of last night’s late Thanksgiving dinner I made for my parents and brother and the conversations we are able to enjoy together

:: enjoying a sleepy day from my 10 week old little big boy and knowing that his 20lbs are part of the reason my back is not happy

:: eyeing the book Simplify Your Life by Sam Davidson that we borrowed from the library wondering what sort of inspiration I will get from it

:: trying to tell myself not to beat myself up for not keeping to my blog schedule

:: staring at my knitting bin of UFOs and wishing I could finish them all at once

:: looking at the new skeins of yarn I got in the mail yesterday with dreams of completed projects (cheated on my yarn diet for the first time in 2 years *hangs head in shame*  couldn’t pass up the cyber Monday deal at KnitPicks)

:: making a list of the things that need to be done in the upcoming weeks to make this holiday season as magical as I can for my 2 older boys.

:: reflecting on the book I finished last night called The Nose off of the list. It´s short and free in the kindle store but funny. 

:: hoping I can be present and loving to my children through the season and not get lost in my computer or the shoulds and the oughts of the season.

What is your right now?