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Mine Slippers Review

I purchased the Mine Slipper pattern by Faye Kennington at the end of December of 2018 after I had run across her Instagram where I saw them and I really wanted to make myself a pair. I have made several of these lovelies myself and others so far and I’m sure I will make quite a few more in the future as quick gifts.

The pattern is well written with a lot of explanations and options. Faye also manages to fit the pattern all on just 2 sides of a paper which I appreciate when I print out patterns or purchase them already printed. The pattern is easy to memorize after knitting a pair. I only have to refer to it now when I am making different sizes so I know what to leave out since I have giant feet and made the biggest size for myself. Size 11 USA and 42 in European sizes.

I chose to make the left a mirror of the right but I don’t think that is a must, it would look fine either way. I used Thick and Quick yarn by Lion Brand Yarn, which makes this a very economical project and a US size 6 double pointed needles and each pair only took me about an evening to do. I’m a quick knitter so the average knitter should be able to manage around one in an evening.

On the first pair I made I missed a line in the pattern and forgot to knit 4 rows after the picked up stitches on the sides of the cables. I loved the way they looked. I tried knitting another pair following the pattern exactly and I was not a big fan because I felt they came up too far on the ankle and where just a little too loose. I thought they were more fitted and slipper like without the 4 knit rows. My mess up slippers were so popular with my friends that I had several ask me if I could make them some. Of course there were a few that deserved a pair and since it only takes me an evening, and I still enjoy making them, I obliged.

These were for a mom friend that spends a lot of her time helping out at my kids’ school and leads M’s Bear Den at Cub Scouts. Because of her my kids’ lives are more enriched. The least I could do was knock out a pair for her, especially since she brought her own yarn.

In conclusion, these are a joy to make. I really love a quick project that is also functional. It always makes me feel so accomplished and proud of myself. Especially when I have been working on big projects or I have gotten out of the knitting groove. I wear these every day at the moment, especially when I am getting out of bed or lounging around in my PJs. I think they are just pleasing to the eye too.

What is your go to quick knit for gifts that everyone enjoys?

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