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Late Saturday Personal Update

O enjoying the fact that we were home for the morning.

We are enjoying a long weekend this weekend. My husband took Friday off so that we could enjoy 4 days. Yesterday we went to the park and to the store to shop for the weekend. Now we are stalked up and ready to get stuff done around the house. We mowed and cut back vines today. Will do some more weeding later to finish getting the front beds ready.

M LOVES his trains

I´ve been knitting this week, working on a new design. Will show some pics on Monday. I´m pretty proud of what it looks like so far. More of a manly design this time around. Something you can make for your man.

I went to my first book club meeting yesterday. We discussed what we will be reading and so on but we couldn´t come to a conclusion. It was amazing though to get out of the house by myself for the first time in 3 weeks.What are some of the books you have read lately that you just couldn´t put down?

Waffles made from scratch this morning.

My husband’s grandmother’s old waffle maker

I did not get as much decluttering done this week as I wanted to. I should head up to my bathroom and do an overhaul of my cabinets there. I also have a linen closet that is busting at the seams but I only use half of the stuff in there. I´ve just been trying to keep up with the normal stuff. I cleaned the bathroom, changed sheets and took the boys to the park and cooked our meals. I´m still spending around 100 dollars a week on groceries. I need to get my veggie garden going so that we can save even more. I cleaned the beds out this week and need to get more dirt in the beds. O is old enough to really get into the whole picking veggie process and watching stuff grow. I want my children to know how to garden and how things are made.

What were your simple living accomplishments this week?

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