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Because my life isn´t busy enough.

Hahahaha. So I´m looking at even more hobbies like bee keeping or back yard chickens. I actually really want back yard chickens. I like knowing that I´m producing my own food. That is why I like veggie gardening so much. I like to know where my food has been and what has been done to it.

This is the coop that I would like in my back yard

I would only like 2-3 chickens. That would be enough for us for now. I might add another when DS gets older. The droppings will be good for the garden as well.

I also have way to many projects going on my needles. I finished a whole project yesterday. It is a bag that I´m sending to a friend. Made with Icelandic wool. It was a fun make.

I am also sending these socks.

Well need to go take a shower and then go outside and garden.

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