About Ólöf


Ólöf was born in Iceland but has lived most of her life, on and off, in the USA. She learned to knit at a young age from her maternal grandmother in Iceland. In her late teens she lived in France for a couple of years but some force kept pulling her back to Tulsa.

Ólöf has been married for 17 years and is the mother of 4 wonderful young boys age 12, 10, 7 and the youngest being 4 and was a surprise addition to the family. She got her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology in Dec. 2011 but has decided to focus on her family instead of working outside the home.

Now Ólöf tries her best to live a frugal, down to earth life in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her family, dog and 2 cats. She also strives to hold on to a lot of the old traditions from Iceland and teach her boys the culture. This blog is to document that journey, their travels and hopefully help others do the same.